General conditions of sale and reservation

Rates include VAT and are expressed in Euros (€). Each booking, whatever their origin, are payable in Euros.
The customer must be insured against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage, covered with an extension of a house insurance or other special insurance for the holidays.
It should be noted that the cancellation insurance proposed by the booking center includes this insurance.
Local Tourist Tax is in effect in this resort. It must be paid on site to the landlord or his representative or directly at the moment of booking.
Rates and availabilities described in the proposal are given for information. They can’t be guaranteed before the conclusion of the contract.
Deposit amount must be paid within 5 days. After, the option is canceled. Reservations will take effect after the down payment of a 25% deposit for bookings in Gîtes de France (Ref.19410x), private owner’s apartments (Ref.Owner Name), camping or hotel, and 50% for bookings in apartments of the tourist residence*** (“Apartment x person in residence) and for bookings in “Earlybooking”.  In order to confirm your reservation, please forward your deposit to the Reservations Service within the designated delay.
In addition of the % required, are added handling fees and cancellation insurance (if subscribed)
The balance payment is due 1 month prior to arrival. Full payment will be requested for all bookings made less than 30 days prior to arrival. A client who fails to meet balance payments at the agreed date is considered to have cancelled his/her stay. At that time, services will be made available for sale and no refunds will be made. 
Any bank charges incurred through payment by bank transfer will be paid by the client.
The client explicitly admits that he is acquainted with the characteristics of the products and packages as well as all information and conditions contained in the brochure and booking form provided prior to reservation. In order to provide holiday packages the Reservation Service uses a selection of contractors. The contractors remain responsible for the activity or service provided under current legislation. The Reservation Service will attempt to replace inefficient services with equivalent services where possible.
On the occasion of all inclusive packages for weeks (accommodation + 6 days skipass), the 6 days  skipass starts on the Sunday and finish on the Friday. 
Other terms for all inclusive packages: 
All inclusive packages are available according to certain periods (ex : earlybooking).
Apartment must be fully occupied 
Modification of the stay 
Any modification, in the booking, from the client (number of people, dates of stay,) can modify prices. The booking center will accept changes within the limits of its possibilities
The booking center could not modify anything without the permission of the client. 
In the event of an interruption of services by the client, no refunds will be made unless the reason for such interruption is guaranteed by the client’s Cancellation Insurance.
Repayment of products unconsumed or partly consumed on the spot, due to the product provider:
For all-inclusive offers (= offer composed of at least 2 products, at a preferential rate): no refund will be made, regardless of the cause of non-consumption or partial consumption of one of the products. 
For a composed offer (= accommodation + services "à la carte"): the terms of repayment are those proposed by each claimant.
For Each booking, the booking center proposes a cancellation (interruption) insurance. The cost is 5% of the rental. Details of cancelation insurance cover is joined to each document send by the booking center
The insurance must be subscribed at the payment of initial booking. It can’t be added later
Conditions relating to all canceled reservations
In the event of a cancellation the client must explicitly inform the Reservation Service in writing. 
Following fees won’t never be refund: 
- Handling fees
- Cancellation insurance fees (if subscribed)
Cancellation without insurance 
For Bookings In Gites de France (Ref.19410x), private owner’s apartments (Ref.OwnerName) camping, or hotel, the contract stipulates:
If cancellation is made 45 days or more before arrival, the total deposit is refund. Except un-refundable regular fees mentioned in the previous paragraph
If a cancellation is made within more than 30 days of the date of arrival: the total deposit is retained.
If a cancellation is made between 30 and 14 days: 35% of the amount of the stay
If a cancellation is made between 13 and 8 days: 55% of the amount of the stay
If a cancellation is made between 7 and 1 days: 80% of the amount of the stay
No show: 100% of the amount of the stay
For Bookings In the tourist residence***(apartment x person in residence) and for bookings in “Earlybookings, the contract stipulates:
If cancellation is made 45 days or more before arrival, 30€ are kept and non-refundable regular fees mentioned in the previous paragraph (Resid&co)
If cancellation is made 60 days or more before arrival, 30€ are kept and non-refundable regular fees mentioned in the previous paragraph (Alpvision)
If a cancellation is made within more than 31 days of the date of arrival: the total deposit is retained, that is 50% of the stay.
If a cancellation is made between 30 and 1 days or for no show: 100% of the amount of the stay
Cancellation with  subscribed insurance
The contract with «cancellation insurance» makes it possible to obtain the refund of the sums paid and not refunded by the booking center, insofar as the reason for cancellation is covered by the contract: see attached conditions.
Amounts kept by the booking center are those mentioned in previous paragraphs.
To obtain the refund, the booking center will send a “claim declaration” to be filled in by the client and send directly to the insurance company.
In the exceptional event that the booking center is forced to modify or cancel a reserved service, the booking center undertakes to offer a new equivalent service or to refund the sums paid, including handling fees.
PANDEMIC CONDITION (Private owner apartments, camping and Gite de France are concerned by this paragraph. Resid&co & Alpvision apartments are non-concerned) 
Special conditions of modification and cancellation can be applied in case of pandemic.
These conditions are applicable up to 8 days before arrival.
If the health situation and government directives were to change between D-8 and arrival, we would then adapt our terms.
The status of “pandemic” must be recognized by health/government authorities from countries concerned by the booking and it must prevent either the customer, to come & consume the stay (confinement, quarantine, travel restriction, illness of 1 person concerned by the stay, proven by a certificate or positive test result), or the booking center to welcome and honor the stay.
In this special event, the client either could postponed the stay (rates can be modified) or obtain the refund of the stay.
When a booking is made during a pandemic status that already limit trips (because of restriction, illness…), no refund can be asked. Also, no refund can be asked if the day of booking, conditions of travel to France was already known (sanitary passport). 
Thus, thank you to check before any reservation, the conditions of travel in France according to your country of origin, on the site of the government
Sales realized via tour operators, whose terms and conditions of sale will continue to apply
Apartments: The client must be present on the specified date and at the hours stipulated in the current contract. Clients are requested to contact the owner, or his representative, 48 hours prior to arrival to establish an approximate time of arrival.
“All Inclusive” Package Deals: Reception at the Reservation Service in the Tourist Information Office.
Keys may be collected on Saturday (or Sunday or other according to your contract). Apartments or hotel rooms must be vacated on the following Saturday (or Sunday or other according to your contract) before 10 am. Details about arrivals according to each contract: consult paragraph “Practical information for your arrival, 1st page.
In the event of a late arrival, we request that you contact the owner or his representative on site, in order to discuss the procedures for your arrival. 
All arrivals out of working hours or specified days are subject to a special agreement, in the absence of which the Reservation Service will not be held responsible.
A deposit for damages will be requested by the owner. This deposit will be returned after verification of the condition of the apartment after eventual deductions for damages or breakages. If the apartment fails to comply with standards of cleanliness a reduction will be made for the cost of cleaning services or if everything misses or is broken. If the guarantee is insufficient, the client pledges to pay the required sum to meet the incurred fees. This deposit will be returned within 10 days post departure.
Apartments are intended for the capacity as defined in the description (inclusive of young children). The landlord reserves the right to refuse the presence of additional party members or charge a supplementary fee.
In order to enable us to take the necessary action, all contestations, claims, or litigations must be addressed to our office within 2 days of arrival. Only claims, contestations, or litigations relative to your reservation will be taken into consideration.

The information collected through reservations is intended exclusively for the Orelle reservation center. None of this information will therefore be sold or communicated to a third party.
In accordance with the provisions of law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, you have the right to access, rectify, modify and delete data concerning concern.
For this you can contact us by sending an email to
These general terms are translated from the original French file. Only the French file will be applied in the event of difference of opinion or contention.